Welcome to Quarantine School

The world has suddenly found themselves all home schooling and working from home. Sarah celebrates with you and shares some helpful tips.

Sarah Latham

April 3, 2020

So here we are, barely getting used to 2020, and we find ourselves suddenly working from home, teaching our kids at home, adjusting to a spike in technological productivity and connection, and we’re doing it without the support of our people in the flesh. Add to that the stress of abrupt change, uncertainty, and even death. This is not an easy time, friends, but we are in this together!

We are all doing something we’ve never done before because no one has ever taught Quarantine School. Even for those who homeschool (like me), this is a completely different life and we are feeling the loss. I would love to give each of you a hug and encourage you in person, but for now, I’ll just dump heaps of written GRACE and permission on you. We all need to give and receive tons of grace in this season!

If you have become your child’s teacher overnight and have been given a list of assignments you must make sure they finish, I applaud you. If you have become your child’s entertainer all day everyday, because their traditional teachers are working overtime to switch to online school, I applaud you. If you are already a homeschool parent who’s dealing with the loss of regular community and motivation, I applaud you. And if you are doing any of these things while working from home, you are a superhero.

You are all doing a stellar job in the face of an unprecedented pandemic. I can assure you that your children are not going to suffer academically in this season. Children are constantly learning, whether through formal education or just LIFE! Did you catch that? —Your kids will not lack anything!—

One of the best things about schooling at home is the freedom to give ourselves permission to do what’s best for ourselves and our family. Since we’re all new at Quarantine School, let’s give ourselves permission to do some things a little differently.

  • If you are constantly fighting your child to finish their assigned school work, you have permission to talk with their teacher about lessening the load.
  • If your family is having an emotionally low day, you have permission to cuddle up together and watch a silly movie.
  • If your teen works better late in the day, you can give them permission to do school work at night and sleep in the next morning.
  • If you need a moment of peace and quiet, you have permission to ask a friend or relative to read a book to your kids over FaceTime.
  • If you are following a daily routine or schedule, you have permission to change it to fit your family’s current need.
  • If your usual homeschool curriculum now seems like a drag, you have permission to set it aside and learn something completely out of the box.
  • If your children’s school has not assigned work yet, you have permission to enjoy the free time to play or learn something your child is interested in.
  • If your kids are particularly restless one day, you have permission to spend the day outside playing, hiking, collecting rocks and leaves, and getting muddy.
  • If you have run out of ideas, you have permission to ask your kids to help brainstorm activities for the day.
  • If you need time to work on your job, you have permission to let your kids watch a historical movie or listen to an audio book while coloring.
  • If you are feeling afraid or overwhelmed, you have permission to reach out and ask for help.

Remember, we are all in this together, shaping Quarantine School as we go! Give yourself permission to think outside the box and do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Your kids will not lack anything!


  • What tip(s) do you have for the new home school parents?

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