TPRT #31: Cory Demmel - Developing Staff and Teams as You Grow

In this episode I talk with Cory Demmel about longevity, developing staff, leading change and so much more

Ryan Latham

November 19, 2019

"Culture, culture, culture. It's the difference between Chick-fil-A and Burger King. Both have the same goal, but very different cultures"

-Cory Demmel

Cory Demmel is the Lead Pastor at Cape Christian in Cape Corral, Florida. He has been working in ministry for over 16 years, most recently as Ministry Development Pastor at Bellevue Christian Center. Cory served many roles over his 15 years at Bellevue including, Masters Commission Director, Youth Pastor, Small Groups, and Ministry Development Pastor. Cory’s focus is growing leaders across ministries. Cory’s goal is to add value to people everywhere he goes and he loves to help people discover and pursue their passions and purpose. Since Cory became the Lead Pastor of the church they have more than doubled in size. They are beginning a building project to add more room for growth.

Cory, his wife Rebecca and daughter Madison love Nebraska football (or really any sport). Cory loves to Golf and enjoys fishing in the Florida waters.

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