My 5 Predictions For What Will Stick.

As you spend hours learning all these new skills and buying equipment I am sure you are asking what will stick? Are my new TikTok skills worth it?

Ryan Latham

April 8, 2020

What is NEXT?

I am sure you have asked yourself that question a few times and you spend hours learning how to be a Youtube star! "Is all this Tik Tok worth it?" The answer is YES! If you have not read my post about the 10 Tips and trends from this weekend i'd suggest reading that first. Then jump back in and rad these 5 things that I believe will stick.

Here Are My 5 Predictions For What Will Stick.

1) Social Media Content Is No Longer Just About Sundays

I am believing that more and more Pastors will continue to bring people into their lives through these family style social media posts. I believe we will continue to see Tik Tok, family fun type videos. This used to be only for the big personalities, but now that everyone has broken down the insecurity about being on camera and bringing our families into the videos. It is here to stay.

2) Zoom Groups

I believe that we will see Zoom STAY in the church. I am hearing Pastors all over the nation talk about how they never would have tried Zoom groups but now that they have them, they love them. I believe this increase and change the way that churches do small groups, leadership training events, board meetings, and so much more.

I talked to a Lead Pastor last week who said that for his volunteer training events his attendance went up by 300%. I think that a big part of that is because it has made it easier for them to attend. Obviously everyones lives are a little slower, so they have more time, but what about when life picks back up... They can log in while they are at their kids football practice, still at the office. They don't have to be at a physical location.

3) Added Service Times And Days

It seems like churches are testing out options for possible new service times and what I believe will be a continued service. Once we are back to "normal" I believe that we will continue to see services that are online only with an online "Campus Pastor."

4) Online Campus Pastors

Ok so maybe not completely an Online Campus Pastor but at least this will become part of peoples job description. Here is what I am wrestling with right now. Does it make since for this person to be someone who doesn't work at the physical location? Does it make since for your online campus pastor to work 100% remote? Maybe in another state? That would allow them to really have a feel for what your online campus is like and feel with out it being supplemented by the physical location. Just a thought that I am thinking through.

5) Flexible Working Environments

This has been a tension point between younger leaders and older leaders for the last 10 years. We all have been forced to work from home. Well, ok, there are a few office rats that are still braving the wild and going in. But for most of the young leaders, this is what they have longed for anyway. Now that we have experienced the flexible work environment I believe we need to consider how do we keep elements of it?

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