Let's Talk About Ministry Burnout - Wes Beavis [#48]

Here is my conversation with Wes Beavis about his book "Let's Talk about Ministry Burnout."

Ryan Latham

July 14, 2020

ABOUT : Dr. Wes Beavis – Pastor and Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Wes Beavis, has served for decades as a pastor in the United States and Australia. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in helping ministry leaders navigate the leadership journey. He has clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of burnout, depression, anxiety and helping people transform negative stress into positive stress.

Dr. Wes has published a new book titled “Let’s Talk About Ministry Burnout” which was written to help ministry leaders understand the importance of staying mentally healthy. Wes’ interests include running marathons, riding motorcycles, playing guitar, and traveling.

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