How to Lead Well in Every Moment - [Podcast #45] David Miller

Here is my conversation with David Miller from the Slingshot Group about his new book "Improv Leadership."

Ryan Latham

June 23, 2020

David A. Miller has had the privilege of serving as a pastor, mentor, speaker and teacher. His diverse experiences on both the east and west coasts—in thriving, multi-site churches as well as parachurch ministries—collectively contribute to an arsenal of skills that he has brought to Slingshot Group. With a strategic mind and intuitive spirit, As Vice President David leads the Slingshot Group Coaching Division, where he walks with church leadership through challenges and opportunities that shouldn’t be navigated alone. David has been instrumental in developing our IMPROVleadership coaching strategy and trains leaders around the country in these culture changing tools. In addition to leading staff teams of pastors and administrators, he coaches leaders across the U.S., speaks at retreats and conferences, and is a contributing author to various publications, blogs, and books

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