How To Discover The Potential Of Those We Love And Lead with Jason Patterson

In todays podcast I interview Jason Patterson the author of the book, "From Your Biggest Fan."

Ryan Latham

August 23, 2022

Jason Patterson is the Lead Pastor of Parkside Church in Fishers, IN. Before planting the church he traveled widely speaking at churches and events. He and his wife Andrea, and their three young children currently live in the Indianapolis area.

He is the author of "From Your Biggest Fan." In the book, he shares that there is unseen God-given potential in every person. Few fully discover and fulfill it in the life-time, but it doesn't have to be this way. In From Your Biggest Fan, Jason shows us how we can cultivate our influence in the lives of those we love and lead and deploy it as Jesus would -- for the benefit of everyone but ourselves.

For those who would rather read the conversation, CLICK HERE for a full transcription of the episode.


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