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Helping Students Read Their Bibles

I sit down with Steve Kerr who is the Student Pastor at Faith Promise in Knoxville, TN to talk about what they are doing to help students read their Bibles.

Ryan Latham

July 12, 2022

"We don't need to have a Masters Degree in Theology to encourage students to have a personal relationship with the Bible."

I sit down with Steve Kerr who is the Student Ministries Pastor from Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, TN to talk about how they are encouraging their students to read their Bibles. Faith Promise is a multisite church with 7 locations and over 400 students at their location that he leads.

During our conversation Steve discusses

  • The biggest myth that hold us back from teaching the Bible
  • Practical tips for celebrating students for reading their Bible
  • Questions to ask while writing your next sermon series
  • How students want to engage with the Bible

After our recording I asked Steven, what do you do for those students who say that they have a hard time reading the Bible.

He suggested the artist "streetlights." You can find them on Youtube and music platforms or their app. They have turned passages of scripture into songs.

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How are you encouraging your students to engage with their Bible? Leave a comment/question below.

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