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Becoming a Warrior Woman

The podcast discusses mindset, whole life health and Becoming a Warrior Woman with April Diaz

Ryan Latham

May 9, 2023

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About April

April Diaz is a leadership coach, consultant, and speaker who is passionate about helping people live and lead well. With over 20 years of experience in ministry and leadership, she has worked with a diverse range of individuals and organizations to develop their leadership skills and abilities. April is known for her engaging storytelling, thought-provoking insights, and practical tools and strategies that inspire personal and professional growth. Her work is centered on the pursuit of holistic wellness and helping people become their most authentic and whole selves.

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Episode summary

in this episode, we explore what it means to become our whole selves through the six dimensions of wholeness: physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and renewal. Our guest discusses the importance of emotional intelligence for success in work and relationships and how becoming more emotionally aware and intelligent can lead to deeper emotional wholeness. We also delve into the role of mindset in mental wholeness and how our unconscious or subconscious thoughts can form beliefs and affect how we view ourselves and surroundings. Plus, we discuss the meaning of “Ezer" and how it represents who all women were created to be from the beginning of time. We also explore the importance of paying attention to our bodies and not putting our health on autopilot to become our whole selves. Listen in as we continue on our mission of discovering wholeness and becoming our whole selves.


1. "The Power of Emotional Intelligence for Success in Work and Relationships"

2. "Deepening Emotional Range for Wholeness"

3. "Unpacking Unconscious Beliefs: How Experiences Affect Our Mindset"

4. "Discovering the Meaning of Ezer for Women"

5. "Surrounding Yourself with Supportive People for Personal Growth"

6. "Playing Small vs. Living to Your Full Potential"

7. "Restoring Gender in the Workplace: What Companies Can Do"

8. "Prioritizing Wellness: The Six Dimensions of Wholeness"

9. "Maximizing Physical Health: Sleep, Food, and Movement for Wholeness"


"No one wins when we play small, man or woman."

"What if it's easy?"

"Wholeness is not a goal, it's not a destination, it's not something that we ever arrive at. Wholeness is really a lifelong journey. “

"Our bodies have been created to heal and to repair themselves and to function at their highest level. “

"The five people who are closest to you will determine your life. “

"Transformation happens Better Together. We belong together and we belong to one another. “

"I think self-care is pretty surfacey. It's like bubble baths and pedicures and reading by the pool, and I just think that that is a really bandaid approach to a much deeper need that we have, which is to have fully energized lives that don't move us toward burnout. “

"Renewal is the way to avoid burnout and increase energy, but we have to lead ourselves into that.“

"Pay for women to get some coaching, get some therapy, you know, get some time at a conference so that they can actually expand.“

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