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Hearing The Holy Spirit

The podcast discusses how to hear the voice of God, using examples from the Bible and Marty’s personal experiences.

Ryan Latham

May 3, 2023

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About Marty:

Meet Marty Darracott, a seasoned Pastor with almost 30 years of experience in ministry. He started his journey of faith after giving his "yes" to God before he even asked the question about using him for anything. Since then, Marty has been on a mission to not only hear from God but to also help others find God's voice and follow Him obediently.

As an Executive Pastor for a church in Dawsonville, Georgia, Marty has played an instrumental role in the church's revival for over five years. During this time, they have baptized over 31,000 people, witnessed miraculous healings, and have seen the power of God at work in countless lives.

Marty is also the author of "Echo Heaven," a book that explains how God still speaks to us today and expects us to echo heaven by being obedient and taking risks. Through personal stories and practical advice, Marty's book aims to help readers understand how to tune in to God's voice and fulfill their purpose.

Episode summary

In this episode, we hear from speaker Marty Darracott on how to hear the voice of God. He shares examples of how proximity plays a role in hearing God's voice, as well as explaining the gift of word of knowledge and how it can reveal personal details one could not otherwise know. We also hear stories about how God's plan can have specific and precise details. In addition to sharing stories, Marty Darracott explains the importance of carving out time alone with God to be still and listen. We also hear about how leaders and pastors sometimes make the mistake of using other people's sermons or worship services as their quiet time. Finally, Marty Darracott shares his own journey of faith and how he became an executive pastor at a church that has been in revival for over five years, baptizing over 31,000 people and witnessing incredible testimonies of healing, deliverance, and restoration.


1. How to Hear the Voice of God

2. The Gift of Word of Knowledge and Prophecy

3. The Role of Proximity in Hearing from God

4. Testing and Obedience in Hearing God's Voice

5. Echoing Heaven by Doing What the Father is Doing

6. Prayer and Fasting for Revival

7. Baptism and Healing Testimonies

8. Resources for Building Faith and Developing the Ability to Hear from God


"God's voice was rare in the Bible at times because of the disobedience of his people.”

"Instead of seeking God's hand to fix things in their life, they chose to seek His face and desire to know Him.”

"Dialing into God's voice is like tuning an old radio, where you have to turn the dial back and forth to find the clear signal and stay tuned in to hear Him clearly.”

"God still speaks to us today and expects us to echo heaven by being obedient and taking risks.”

"Leaders and pastors sometimes make the mistake of using other people's sermons or worship services as their quiet time instead of carving out time alone with God.”

"Sharing a word of knowledge with someone can be inviting and a great way to show obedience to God."

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