10 Tips And Tricks From The Church Online

I wanted to share some things I saw this weekend as I watched The Church Online.

Ryan Latham

April 6, 2020

As I watched multiple churches online this weekend I saw some new things and some things being given a little more attention than before. So I wanted to share those with you.

Here are the "10 Things That I Saw From The Church Online."

1) People To Interact With

This week I saw people testing out having a few staff members onstage with them. This was worship people who after the worship time sat on stools and interacted with the Pastor. Every now and then the Pastor would turn and have a comment or little interaction with the team members. This gave them some of that normal interaction that they are used to.

2) Intentional Use Of, “Leave a Comment”

Quit a few began to ask people to leave comments before the service, "Where are you watching from?" "Say hello." Many included them during the message as well. I even saw a few good old, "Write Amen."

One word of caution is that everyone is on a device that will allow them to comment (T.V, Fullscreen, etc.).

3) Watch Parties

There seemed to be an increase in support staff, volunteers and even church members hosting watch parties. This allows them to leverage their social network and interact with their people.

4) Virtual Lobby

These were multiple Pastors from the same staff jumping on there own FB/IG to be in the "lobby" before or in-between services. These were real casual, just like in the physical lobby at church. "how are you doing?" Referencing things that people have posted, "I loved that video of you and the kids."

Some provided a Zoom link for their church to jump in after the service.  

5) Zoom Groups -

I am seeing some offer for people to join a small group following the service for a live interactive elements. If the service ends at 10:30, there are zoom groups at 10:45.

6) FB Live Alter -

This is different than the lobby idea in that this is much more focused on prayer and salvation response. This is a great idea for multisite churches to allow their campus pastors to jump on live and pray for their campus.

7) Guest speaker -

This is an easy time to have a guest speaker. They can record during the week at your church or even film from their own location.

8) Adding a 5 Minute Entry Video -

These 5-10 minute entry videos helped the viewers know that the service was happening and will start on 5 minutes. It allowed them to get their T.V. streamed, sound on, etc before the service began. The other thing that it allows is for the social media algorithms to start gaining strength. To help with the algorithms, this might be a good time to mention sharing the post.

9) Family interacting moments

Now that the whole family is together in one location and not sitting in rows it is much easier to lead in family moments. This weekend I saw pastors facilitating families in communion and even asking parents to lead their family in praying together.

10) Social sharing

This one is not really new as much as I saw churches testing out when to talk about it. Before service, as an introduction, during an announcement time, or even mentioned in the message itself, "If this has been helpful to you then go ahead and share it with someone who you think this might be helpful for as well."

Bonus -

11) Testing New/Added Service Times -

I am seeing more and more churches adding services times. Adding a Sunday afternoon service, one at night, or even adding one on a different night of the week. They have the service recorded, so it's not too hard to add another time and have a pastor or volunteer oversee the chat.

I hope that these have been helpful to you. I know everyone is learning and trying new things! Keep it up. The Churches influence is increasing with each week! I am encouraged by how many people are falling in love with offering online church experiences.

Comment below -

What are you seeing and what are you trying?

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